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Out with rock/paper/scissors; in with the dance-off

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I was a summer camp counselor for many years, and one of my favorite ways to resolve petty conflicts was through dance-offs. We would dance, laugh, and probably forget what the disagreement was about in the first place.  I know the world doesn’t really work that way, but wouldn’t it be ideal if it did?

Tie in the FIFA Women’s World Cup? No time for penalty kicks when the teams are throwing down their best dance moves!

You have an 89.3, and the teacher refuses to bump you up? You easily win the A with your killer running man.

Your parents say curfew is midnight, but you say it’s 2? Sorry, mom, but I’ll see you at 2.

The House of Representatives wants a bill passed, but the Senate is deadlocked? Dance-off. In suits.

Unfortunately this is not the way it works. Even the idealistic dance-off system would eventually become defiled by the need to dissect and regulate every aspect of competition. It would never work on a grand scale. However, I still prefer to implement the dance-off, tie-breaker system in any possible context – which is pretty much only at summer camp.

Please chuckle as you picture these world figures dancing their cares away.


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