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Salsa Rueda every week

I posted about salsa rueda when I first learned this style of dance. I’m back to update about my latest experiences with rueda. The Latin Dancing and Cultural Club’s current president, Francisco, is passionate about teaching rueda and has done an excellent job recruiting for and developing dancers to participate.

For the salsa ball this past fall, four couples put together a rueda routine to perform. We didn’t get a video of that performance, but this spring, two of the couples decided to rehearse and audition for another performance opportunity. This is a video of one of our rehearsals. Francisco is the shorter guy, and I’m in the orange.

This semester, the rueda group meets every Monday night at 7:30 in the basement of the Wesley Foundation. We’ve had a huge group of beginners come out the past few weeks, so we’re starting at the basics and building up from there.

Come check it out! Everyone is welcome, and we love seeing new faces.

Here are some pictures of our performance at the 2011 Salsa Ball. I haven’t been able to locate a video, so these will have to do.

Sachin and Meagan are on the left, Greg and Patty on the right, Me and Aram on the back right, and Francisco and Carolina in the back left

Patty and Sachin are front left, Me and Greg front right, Aram and Carolina back right, and Francisco and Meagan back left


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