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Dancing: A family tradition

Here are some of the events I experienced with partner dancing in the past week:

Last Tuesday night, I watched actor and veteran JR Martinez win ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

Last Friday night, I went to the Caravan Cattle Company in Tulsa, OK for some country two-stepping.

Saturday afternoon, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my dad’s family and swing-danced the afternoon away with them.

And Saturday night, I went to a swing dance event at a church in Tulsa through the TOSS club.

The thing about this blog is, I don’t go out dancing just so I have something to write about here. I go out dancing because I love it more than words. Dancing makes me feel pretty. And writing the blog is the afterthought; an avenue for me to convey the latest news and events about partner dancing in Oklahoma to other people who are hopefully interested.

To conclude, I would emphatically encourage you to start a new tradition in your family. Dance with your children, your significant other, your grandparents, your other family members. Build confidence in yourself and in others by investing time into this worthwhile way of life. You won’t regret it!

My uncle and cousin brushing up their swing dance moves


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