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Latin Dance Organizations: What makes them effective?

This past Friday  night, I went to the Latin Ball Fiesta at the University of Oklahoma. Aside from the fantastic dancing and amazing live music by the Norman-based salsa band Son de Barrio, this event provided insight into what makes the Latin Dance Club at OU so effective.

Having been a part of Oklahoma State University’s Salsa Ball planning committee the past two years, I know what an enormous amount of strategic planning goes into creating an event like this, and OU manages to pull this off not once, but twice a school year. Last night, I tried to observe different details about the event to see what strategies OSU could use at our salsa ball this year. One of the most effective ideas they used was to have a running slideshow of their club’s officers on two separate walls with the last slide saying, “Want to become an officer? Sign up at the registration table for more information!”

One major issue the Latin Dancing and Cultural Club at OSU has is lack of leadership. The team this year has been doing a phenomenal job with marketing and organization, but they often have trouble recruiting people to be on the leadership team. Everyone wants to go to events and parties, but nobody wants to plan them.  If OSU’s LDCC works on more publicity for becoming an officer, we could definitely spark more interest for leadership within the club.

Another great idea to spread the word about our club is to post videos on youtube of our free salsa classes. Here’s an example video of two of my friends from the Latin Dance Club at OU demonstrating a turn from an open break into a cross body lead.

Hopefully LDCC at OSU will be able to recruit not only more and more members, but also more leadership to help make our club one of the top university dance organizations in the Midwest. For more information on becoming a member or an officer, check out the official LDCC website and facebook page.



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