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Addicted to dancing

Any kind of partner dancing can quickly become a necessity in your life. You go dancing with a friend one weekend. The entire rest of the week you can’t stop dissecting your experience. You are consumed by the thought of the next time you can go out.

Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but all you salseros out there can understand what I’m talking about. Dance becomes an expression of self and a unique kind of communication between two people that cannot be replicated the same way in any other circumstances.

Before this weekend, I hadn’t been salsa dancing in almost two months, which for me is like years. My best friend in college – who I usually go Latin dancing with – is currently studying abroad in Mexico. So, this past Saturday, I begged this guy I work with in Guthrie to go with me. We got off work around 10pm and drove to the International Dance Studio in OKC. He had never been dancing before but had heard me talk about it incessantly. We get there; I dance the night away. He sits on the side and makes small talk with the people there.

As we left, I was thinking he didn’t enjoy it. Much to my surprise, he spent a majority of our drive back to Stillwater talking about how he was going to watch tons of YouTube videos, become a pro, and start going to all these salsa events.

He got bit by the salsa bug. It happens to the best of us.

I so badly wish more people would take the risk, find a friend, and go dancing one night. It takes courage, and you’ll have to throw your “cool card” out the window for a while, but the benefits far outweigh any embarrassment you may feel at first.


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