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Partner Dancing 101: How to begin

There are numerous partner dancing opportunities around Oklahoma, no matter your taste. From Latin to Ballroom to Swing, almost anything is available if you look for it.

Your first step should be to research what kind of dancing you want to get into. Ask around to see who has connections in the dance world and can tell you about different styles and places to practice.

Next, find a place you can learn the basics of couples dancing and the beginning steps to that dance. A lot of beginner classes don’t require a partner, but you may want to recruit a wingman if you feel awkward about dancing with strangers.

Keep in mind: the environment of most partner dancing events creates a certain etiquette and formality between partners, as you may dance with people you’ve never met before, so try to relax and have fun.

For your first beginner class, a good rule of thumb for dress code is to wear what’s comfortable. If the class is during the day, it’s probably more casual, but if the class is before a bigger, more formal event, you may want to dress a little nicer.

I’ve included several links to help you get started, but the rest is up to you! Learning any new type of dancing is extremely beneficial in many, many ways, so I would strongly urge anyone to branch out and try it.


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